If i find the time I like to spend my time working on various programming and (real-life) projects of fluctuating quality.

Current projects:

pilea (2019 - current)

My attempt at writing a static site generator. The page you are currently looking at was built with this.

esque (2018 - current)

esque (pronounced esk) is an operational command line tool for Apache Kafka. I started writing it during my time at and is has since become one of showpiece projects of the Data Engineering Team with the whole team contributing various features to it.

1981 Volkswagen T3 2.0 (2019 - current)

The Bulli is the fulfillment of a decade old dream of mine. It's an almost 40 year old moving house, which needs a lot of maintenance and money love. Since it's not exactly the most environment-friendly way of moving around I exclusively use it for vacations and try to set off every single kilometer I drive with it.